October 6, 2013

I am back!!! New Russian Folkart patterns on the market!!!

Hello! I am back!
I was very lucky this Summer! I had a chance to visit my family in Ukraine. Forgive me for not posting for long time.... it was looooong and fun trip.
Me and my daughter Sasha spend a week in Europe and had a chance to see Vienna, Prague and Budapest.
Next stop was in Kiev (Ukraine) where we had piligrimage time in Kievo-Pechersk Lavra (Russian Orthodox Chistian Monastery). It is Blessed place and really worth to visit.
Then we spent 3 WEEKS on Azov sea, in a real village. We woke up every morning with Rusters and had fresh cow milk! OH!!!! My childhood memory! Sasha was very exited to have a chance to swim with dolphins. WOW! I wish I did too.
Well! We are back and I am fresh for some new designs to create!

I was inspired by Northern Russian paintings and created Folkart designs for quilting.

Folkart Birdies Edge-2-Edge or Border block

Folkart Birdies Border block

Folkart Flower block 1

Folkart Flower block 2

Folkart Flower Border Block

Folkart Flowers Edge-2-Edge

March 9, 2013

Quilted designs

Hello to all! Sorry for taking too long brake...
Here are some photos of quilts which have been quilted with some of my designs.Not all... I will try to keep up with my posts and pictures...
Geometry swirls E2E, Geometry1 and Geometry 2, Sunflower E2E, Sunflower block, Heartfelts E2E and Waterdrops E2E (represents rain drops on water surface) I also have simple version Waterdrops for less dense quilting.
All of these designs were made per customer request and now available for everyone. I am so blessed with creativity of my Quilting friends and their ideas.

Galutea star design set also made for this quilt. It was my first attempt to design feathers :)
I am still learning! I started with free hand drawings and end up with other additional designs. Sometime I am not making shortcuts and challenging myself.
You can check them out here
We (the quilter and I) decided to emphasize Star blocks, rest of the quilt was quilted Edge-2-Edge using my Zig-Zag meander pattern and separate borders. But those who knows me, I got bored with a big area of E2E and made 3 hidden stars on the field of E2E. I wanted to bring some interest into huge area.
The hidden stars are exact copy of those pieced stars you see. I like surprises!
Learning everyday and wish to have longer day.... and lots of energy!
Stay warm! Spring around the corner!
P.S. .... and please, please, please.... forgive if my English not perfect, it's never ending learning process... Articles are the big mystery to me.

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