July 16, 2012

Stitching my June Challenge patterns

I got some brake and I am back to my Art and Stitch :)
After digitizing every day in June patterns now I am ready to turn them to the patterns. Here is my Sunflowers E2E Pattern that was created on June 1, 2012
.... and  Charity quilt for Colorado "High Park Fire -Quilts of Love" (Thank you "The Sewing Circle")

June 28, 2012

ANS Day 28 and 29

Oops... late posts... We are taking road trip to Washington DC and back to Colorado. So far we made through 11 states! So beautiful Country! 


June 13, 2012

ANS Day 13


I stitched little whole cloth designed on Day 10.
It is interesting to watch stitching. I am happy, but few things need to be changed in design....
Learning every day!!!!

June 12, 2012

June 9, 2012

ANS Day 9

Good morning! 
Today is a very quick designs by using Library Block Patterns. I used " Doodle by Theo base" element.
I love it! 

June 7, 2012

ANS Day 8

In class Loes gave very good advice to carry photo camera all the time. And I usually do, but now I am more paying attention for details and elements that can be used in my quilting designs.
So................... I was watching on TV Russian news and !!!! Here it is!!!! Russian President's chair!

Look what I came up with! And it is more and more to play!

ANS Day 7

Triangle element into block

June 5, 2012

ANS Day 5

I used one of the Library designs to combine and create block
(Miscellaneous Designs, MaryBethKrapil Funky Flower Border)
This I made in Art & Stitch retreat in Fort Collins. (Combining existing designs)

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