June 7, 2012

ANS Day 8

In class Loes gave very good advice to carry photo camera all the time. And I usually do, but now I am more paying attention for details and elements that can be used in my quilting designs.
So................... I was watching on TV Russian news and !!!! Here it is!!!! Russian President's chair!

Look what I came up with! And it is more and more to play!


  1. Very Nice! I have lots of pictures from Rome when I visited so will go look at them. Are you familiar with Dover Publications. They have alot of freebie designs that will work great with AnS. Sign up!
    East TN

    1. Oh yes! I do have some Dover Publications! It is endless possibilities! Inspirations are everywhere: fabric, wallpaper, carpets, architect elements, book illustrations.... Oh! now I want to go to the Museum!
      Natalia Majors
      Fort Collins, CO

  2. Natalia, these are fabulous! I love seeing what you are coming up with every day!

    Lori (who sat next to you in class)


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